June 18, 2010

Started cycle 3 on Monday and it went well. Slept quite a bit through all 3 treatments. Had more discomfort from constipation Thursday and today. Eunice picked up some generic Senokot-S for me that brought some relief and I am feeling better.

Also have a sore throat and am afraid I may have a cold - not a good thing since I can't take a lot of OTC medications due to the Procarbazine.

The shaking in my hands seems to get worse with each cylcle of Prednisone. Taking insulin shots with shaking hands does effect my aim but it's not a big deal.

My port looks much better and the antibiotics are doing the trick. The redness and itching are gone. It also seems to be healing better.

On the whole, still feeling very well and have very little to complain about.

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