June 11, 2010

I got the results of my scan and labs on Thursday and everything looks good. The scan indicates things are getting smaller and the labs were good. My oncologist is "very happy" with the results and that I am tolerating the treatments well. One thing is that we won't know precisely if the Large B-cell (fast growing, aggressive) lymphoma is gone at the end. Chances are the follicular (slow growing) lymphoma that I have had will still be there so we will stop treatments at the end of 6 cycles and see what happens. If it starts growing quickly we will know the more aggressive lymphoma is there and pursue some other treatment. If it doesn't grow, we will go back to maintenance mode for the slow grower.

I did get some antibiotics for my port. He didn't like the look of it either and with chemo and diabetes an infection would be a bad thing.

Feeling well and very optimistic.

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