June 25, 2010

I caught a cold last week and am still getting over it. I felt better earlier this week but can't seem to shake the cough. I did get an antihistamine from the pharmacy but it didn't seem to make much difference. I was hoping it might stop sinus drainage and help relieve the cough. Hasn't really happened and will stop using it today. The cold also makes me tired and when you put that on top of the normal chemo fatigue it gets a little wearing. My mental attitude took a bigger hit this week than any other but still good. A couple of friends came through with unexpected offers to do some things and that makes me feel good.

Finished my treatments for the third cycle this week. The Neulasta brought a little discomfort in my back but not too bad. Done with this round of Prednisone and Procarbazine and looking forward to two weeks "off" before I start the next cycle. Shaking in my hands is already better. I'm counting down to the end now.

Looking forward to the weekend. Eunice will be home. Feeling well.

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