April 21, 2010

Started my first cycle of treatments. Below is what each cycle looks like.

Think of my treatment cycles in Days with Day 1 (D1) being the start of each treatment.

D1: Rituxan, Cytoxan, and Etoposide (VP-16), (7 hour day). Start taking Prednisone (two 50mg tabs per day) and Procarbazine, or Mutulane (three 50mg tabs per day). Put them all together and you get R-CEPP which is the name of my treatment. It's fairly aggessive.

D2: Etoposide (2 hour day)

D3: Etoposide (2 hour day)

D8: Cytoxan (4 hour day)

D9: Neulasta (booster shot for white blood cells in and out)

Day 28: Start the cycle again for six times.

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