July 16, 2010

Completed the week one of cycle 4. The three treatments went well and I am feeling well too. My sleep is a little off and my hands are shaky again but other than that I feel fine. My throat was a little sore again but I think that is just a reaction to the chemo and not another cold coming on. We will not do a scan after this cycle since we know it is working and we are going to complete the six cycles regardless. won't really know if the treatments have been entirely effective until a while after they conclude. Because of the mixture of cells, if there are any fast growing cells left at the end, they will start growing well, fast. If that happens we will have to consider other treatment options. My oncologist and I are optimistic that that will not happen and we will be left with the older slow growing lymphoma and be back in maintenance mode. I'm tolerating it well and my labs are good. My only complaint is that it's been hot and humid and I need to get more exercise.

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